Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day - 2011

Matt spent the weekend in Fort Lauderdale with his college Nash, Roscoe and I packed up and went to Indiana for the weekend.  I loved being able to spend mother's day with my mom!  We mostly just hung out and played with Nash....we did visit Katy and Clint's new house, I had to have my Bummies fix of a breaded cheeseburger/fries/root beer, and we were sure to get some cuddle time in with Macy and Mya.  I also got to meet sweet Halle Grace Moore for the first time - oh my goodness she is so sweet!  The entire family got together at Kober's house for dinner and it was quite the crazy household...doggies and babies everywhere!  So good catching up with everyone though...sometimes it makes me wish we were closer!

It was a perfect mothers day in many ways....I am so lucky to have my mom in my life, she is so amazing as a mother and as a friend and now a grandma!

Here are some pics from our weekend....

cute little bums playing the piano

miss halle!

clean cousins!

sweet cousins


first wagon ride

so fun!

what a big boy!


Friday, May 20, 2011

15 months - update

Our little guy is changing so quickly these days – learning new things, saying new things, getting into things, testing his limits, and being as cute as ever!  At his 15 month checkup with Dr. Mishu, he weighed 21 pounds and was 29 1/2 inches tall.  That’s the 10th percentile for each.  Imagine that – we have a short kiddo.  :) He was hitting all the milestones she expected him to meet, so that was good to hear.  Here are a few other things he is up to at 15 months:
  • The transition to the toddler room at school is complete and he is doing really well.  At first, he had to be held by a teacher and distracted by looking for birds and squirrels outside while we left the room after saying our goodbyes.  He is getting better, and soon I am sure he will be jumping in to play with his friends like he did in the baby room.  The only thing that really bothers me is the number of bites that he comes home with…I KNOW that this is the “biting” age and that it is going to happen, I just wish it wasn’t happening to my sweet baby.  Luckily he has only been the “bitee” and not the “biter” yet.  Although, I’m sure the day is coming! 
  • Nash is finally eating some meat for us…and even though it is really just fish sticks and chicken nuggets, we’ll take it.  I would love for him to be interested in what WE eat, but he’s not there quite yet.  He still refuses “real” veggies and is still eating baby food veggies.  His pedi insists this is fine, it keeps him from losing the taste for the veggies, until he doesn’t want to be spoon fed by us anymore.  His favorite foods are any fruit (especially bananas, blueberries, grapes, pineapple) and any kind of cheese.  He’s not a big fan of pasta (even macaroni and cheese!) or veggies that aren’t pureed.  His teachers are school says he is a great eater and eats most things – probably because he sees his friends eating everything! 
  • His vocabulary is exploding lately…he regularly says momma, daddy, Roro (Roscoe), beh (bird), ball, duck, bubble, fish, caca (cracker), nana (banana), buh (bug)…but will repeat most of the things we ask him too.  He knows what sounds cows, ducks, and dogs make. 
  • His favorite games right now are any type of hide and seek – preferably behind chairs and curtains.  He is also very into his little push popper (you know, the cheapest birthday present we bought him) and any type of ball.  Roscoe popped his soccer ball – but he loves to kick the balls around. 
  • Books are huge with Nashman right now…some of my favorite moments are when he picks out a book, walks up to me or Matt, turns around and scoots his little booty right into my lap for the story.  Makes me melt everytime. 
  • Bathtime is one of his favorite times – “tubby” time is what we call it (thanks to the St. Francis’!).  He has a little fountain and a ball hoop in the tub that he loves…but usually his favorite toy is the cup we use to rinse his head.  He loves to drink the water (yes, gross…how do you stop it though??), and loves a bubble bath.
  • Nash is consistently sleeping through the night.  He usually goes down around 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30.  His bedtime routine consists of bath, lotion/pajamas, allergy medicine, last drink of water, teeth brushing (which he despises), and books.  He’s starting to reject long periods of rocking and cuddling before bedtime…he would rather just be laid down most nights.  This makes me sad, so I am soaking up all the cuddles I can until he completely refuses.  He still sleeps with his pacifier and a few lovies – although he is not quite attached to any specific lovie just yet.
  • Nash is obsessed with being outside, is jealous of Roscoe when he is outside, and throws a fit when we bring him inside.  I love the fact that he loves being outside, but the temper tantrums are quite dramatic! 
  • Some of Nash’s favorite “no-no’s” are the dog bowls, toilets, plants, and the fireplace. 
  • A few fun stories from the last few months that I want to write down before I forget:
    •  During our trip to Indiana over mothers day weekend (future post), my nieces Macy and Mya called me “mamie” instead of Amy.  When we got back to Nashville, our little guy woke up the next morning….and instead of the “momma!”, I got “mamie!”.  That went on for a few days, but luckily wore off quickly! 
    • For a few days in a row, Nash kept walking up to our fireplace and saying “bird, bird, bird” (one of his favorite words).  After bedtime one night, Matt and I were watching hockey playoffs when we heard chirps up the chimney!  Nash wasn’t just repeating one of his favorite words – he was telling us we had birds living in our chimney!  (For the record, they are still there…and most likely an endangered bird that we are not allowed to “remove” until they migrate back to Peru in the winer!)
    • I watch American Idol lately, mostly because I am in a pool at work that I am close to winning, but lately when I watch it and Nash sees/hears everyone cheering and clapping for the contestants -  he mimics the claps and screams and cheers.  So cute!
    • Nash thinks it's funny when he smells his feet (we blame Nannie and Opa for this trick!).  Quite hilarious! 

Here are some pictures over the last few months of our favorite little guy!

Nash's first haircut!

Easter basket before church
getting ready for the Easter egg hunt chaos

flamingos...probably his favorite thing at the zoo

this bridge by the flamingos...probably his favorite non-animal "thing" at the zoo

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Renner!

Katy and Clint got married in Jamaica on April was such a fun time, and although we missed our Nashman – we managed to enjoy the time on the beach with family and no babies (and a few frozen drinks)!  Nannie and Opa were so sweet to stay with Nash while we were gone.  We picked up Nannie and Opa from the airport on a Tuesday evening, and we flew out Wednesday morning. 

We spent Wednesday through Sunday in Jamaica, and celebrated with Katy and Clint and our families.  Clint’s parents and brother and sister were all able to come, we got to meet Paige and her family for the first time.  They got married on Friday afternoon at 4:00, and it couldn’t have been prettier.    The ceremony was perfect….small and private, barefoot in the sand, on the beach.  I was the “official” photographer – and ended up having to change dresses after the wedding and before the wedding dinner because I was running around like a crazy person trying to get all of the shots I wanted.  Ha – needless to say – I was a little warm! 

We arrived back in Nashville to a house full of “snarfy” (Nannie’s word) people.  Nannie, Opa, and Nash all had a cold and weren’t feeling so great.  I think Nash was the best of all of them…his cold seemed to clear up in a few days while Nannie and Opa felt pretty terrible for the rest of that week.  They had a big time while we were gone…walking Roscoe dog, going to the park, visiting the Hermitage, visiting state parks – and I’m sure there were plenty of cuddles and kisses.  We really are so blessed and so lucky they were willing to fly to Nashville to stay with our special little dude – THANK YOU Nannie and Opa!

OK….now for some Jamaica/wedding pics.  These are a few of my favorites…enjoy!  We can't wait to celebrate with more family and friends at their reception in June!