Wednesday, August 26, 2009 bump!

This past weekend I was able to fly home to help host my little sister Jessi's baby shower. She's due with twin girls in October! I cant' tell you how excited I am to meet these two little cuties - Mya JoLynn and Macy Ann. My youngest sister Katy, myself, and my mom threw Jessi a shower at my parents house - it was a busy place last Saturday. The amount of cuteness that filled the house was unbelievable. We were so lucky to get to have our family in from Bloomington as well as some of Jessi's friends from all over the state. I know she was so thankful for your prescence and your presents!

Nash sisters - Katy, Jessi (31 weeks), Amy (18 weeks)

I know what you're thinking...where did that belly come from? I left last week able to still fit in my work skirts and some of my pants....and came back Monday with a bump. Everyone told me it would appear overnight, and it absolutely did! Baby Nash is no longer hiding - he/she is quite obvious under my shirt!

There was a special treat on Friday evening, my mom was able to sneak Jessi and I up to the OB unit at her hospital (she's a labor and delivery nurse) and hook us up to the fetal monitors they use to perform non-stress tests. She found Nash's heartbeat and so we listened for about 5 minutes as it printed on a little sheet for us to keep. It was pretty awesome to hear, I was sad that Matt wasn't able to be there with us! I know it may be hard to see, but the printout is below. Nash's little heartbeat was right around 150 the whole time we listened - too fun! The craziness began as mom hooked Jessi up and tried to track down Mya and Macy. They had their hands full chasing them around - and they're still in the womb! Good luck Jess! ;)
It was a great weekend spent at home, and we're on the road again this weekend. We're off to Philly for a wedding (yes, another one!). We're squeezing in a Phillies game on Sunday evening too and taking an early flight back to Memphis Monday morning....should be a fun weekend, but it will be nice to get back home and know that we're in town for a couple of weeks - at least until Mya and Macy make their entrance!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Giving In and Joining the Blog World...

After numerous requests from far away family and friends, I've given in and created a blog! As most of you who may be reading this already know, Matt and I are expecting a baby in January of 2010. Although quite surprised, we are extremely excited and can't believe we'll own the title "parents" sooner than later!

We found out when I was about 7 weeks pregnant, and quickly shared the news with our immediate family. About a month later, we couldn't keep our secret any longer and began to tell extended family and friends.

Although we will not be finding out the sex of the baby (yay for surprises!), this kiddo already has a name. We've decided to use my maiden name as baby Murphy's first name, regardless of the sex. So, Nash Murphy's first photo is posted here - about 10 weeks in utero! Say hello!
Nash - 10 week sonogram

Since I shared the news with my family, I have been asked repeatedly to begin posting "belly bump" pictures (although there's not much of a bump yet!) so my family can keep up with the progress of this pregnancy from Indiana. Currently I am 17 weeks pregnant and Matt started documenting my belly today after church. Prepare to be underwhelmed - there is not much to see, although I'm sure that will be changing soon enough!

17 weeks

We are looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this blog somewhat updated and be able to share pregnancy news and baby Murphy news!