Friday, July 16, 2010

6 months - Nash's half birthday!

Time just keeps moving so is a 6 month update! 
  • Nash's 6 month checkup went well.  His new doctor is Dr. Sara Patterson and we really liked her.  Matt wasn't able to come with us because of a court date, but my mom happened to be in town so she came with me.  He weighed 15 pounds and 5 ounces and almost 26 inches long.
  • We have not been able to find a baby food Nash doesn't like.  He's liked everything from sweet potatoes (one of his favorites) to peas and green beans.  We've added fruit and his favorite by a mile is bananas (see - he IS his momma's boy!), but again - nothing he does like.  I hope to find time soon to make some of our own babyfood and see how that goes.
  • Nash is becoming very ambidextrous...he's so good at picking up things with either hand, switching toys from hand to hand, and being excited about his favorite toys.  His favorite toys right now are definitely balls - all kinds, especially the ones designated for Roscoe dog!
  • We are still in size 2 diapers, although they may not last very much longer.   
  • Nash's travel schedule has calmed down a bit lately, so he's starting to settle into more of a routine here in the apartment.  He's still waking up about once in the middle of the night, and seems quite unhappy.  He doesn't really seem hungry, but definitely not comfortable.  At this point, I still get up with him consistently because I'm not working yet and Matt is.
  • Nash is officially done nursing.  He pretty much weaned himself from twice a day (about a month ago) to once early in the morning for the past couple of weeks.  I have been trying my best to pump every 3 or 4 hours, and it is just plain exhausting.  I would much rather be playing with him and hanging out than pumping, and so I started letting my routine slip.  As most know, a momma's  milk is a matter of supply and demand - and my supply went down as Nash stopped nursing and I stopped pumping.  I held out hope for a while that Nash was just on another nursing strike - but I doubt that's the case.  Kiddo is done, and thankfully is taking formula well.  He takes Similac Sensitive and seems to do pretty well with it. Parts of me are very sad that he is done nursing, it was such a great experience - but I also know that I will be going back to work eventually, so maybe it is a good thing that it has happened now.  Besides the cuddling and closeness that I miss now that I'm not nursing...the expense of NOT nursing has hit home.  HOLY GOODNESS formula is EXPENSIVE!

Again, we missed the mark with taking a picture with the lion - I promise we will get on that next month!  Enjoy the 6 month cuteness contained in the pictures to follow:

I'm six months old!

Napping under my beaver skin.

Macy, Nash, and Mya

These group pictures can only get harder....they're so close to being mobile!

What's this green stuff mom?


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Congratulations Tyler and Allsion!

My cousin Tyler married his gorgeous bride Allison on July 10.  It was a gorgeous ceremony in Lexington, Tennessee and the reception was on a lake - an amazing setting.  This was our first wedding with Nash in tow - so as soon as the party was really getting started, we were headed out.  I hear they had a blast - and we had a great time celebrating with everyone while we were there.

Congrats Tyler and Allison - we're so happy for you and hope to see you more now that we'll both be living in the Nashville area!

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Cummins!


The Cummins crew!