Monday, November 29, 2010

Nash's First Thanksgiving!

Wow.  We have SO much to be thankful for this year....a happy, healthy, amazing kiddo named Nash Thomas.  He's truly the light of our days and I can't fathom him not being in our lives.  We have had an amazing year, supported by so many family and friends throughout the months.  From Nash's birth, to deciding on a new job for Matt, to quitting my job, to moving to Hendersonville, new jobs, and finally finding a home we love...we are so blessed.  God truly does have a plan - and even though it was difficult to trust in that (moving to a new town with hardly any friends with a 5 month old), it has all worked out and we are so thankful.

Holidays are always a great time to see family and get to relax....but something about having kiddos surrounding you makes it even more special.  This year was Indiana's year for Thanksgiving, so Nash got to hang out with his cousins Macy and Mya, his aunties Jessi and Katy, uncles Ty and Clint, and Grandma Kay and Grandpa Joey.

We drove home on Tuesday evening and got to my parents house late...Nash was wide awake for a few hours when we got home - and made for a long day on Wednesday.  My family was passing around a pretty yucky tummy bug while we were home, so we were sure to steer clear of that and it actually worked!  We avoided the bug, even though it meant we didn't get to see Daddy very much for a few days.  He was sure to make up for lost time with Nash (see pic below).  We just made the most of visiting family...Daddy fried a turkey on Friday evening, and we took off for Bloomington on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, Nash wasn't a fan of great grandma Harshman's homemade dumplings just yet....boy, does he have a lot to learn!  :)

We also got to visit great grandpa Nash before driving back to Nashville, it was so good to see him.  He seems to be doing well with his radiation/chemo treatments - so hopefully that continues and he keeps feeling pretty good!

How about some cuteness in pictures?  I thought so...

 Mya, Nash, and Macy...playing in a box.

 LOVE this pic of Macers....isn't she gorgeous??

 Momma Jess and her MyMy

 Grandma Kay playing drums on the High Life box for Nash and Mya

 Grandpa Joey entertaining the crew

 We were all so excited that Daddy was feeling better!

 Making up for lost sweet.

 Roscoe dog...disappointed he didn't get any of the fried turkey.

great grandpa Nash and his great grand kiddos

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The "firsts" are fading...

I'm starting to realize how soon my posts will no longer be filled with "firsts".

We are getting closer to Nash's first birthday - and the holidays always go so fast.

It's going to be here before we realize it.

And then...

We'll be starting seconds.

Because you can only have so many "firsts".

He's had some great ones, all of which are emblazoned in my memory.

And seconds are great too.

And I'm pretty sure thirds, and fourths, and everything past that will be wonderful too.

But there's something special about firsts.

So, I'll keep writing about his firsts until they are no longer.

Next guessed it.  Nash's first Thanksgiving.  :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 months - update

These months just keep flying by!!  And our little dude keeps growing and learning and amazing us with his cuteness every day! 

Here is a little 10 month update:

  • He is officially repeating "ma ma" and "da da" when you ask him to.  So sweet!  We're working on "dog", but not quite there yet. 
  • Officially able to grab cheerios and puffs with his thumb and forefinger - assuming that no one interupts his concentration.  It is the cutest thing!  In addition to puffs and crunchies...his favorite foods are bananas and yogurt.  He's on a kick where he's refusing he's eating a lot of cottage cheese, string cheese, pasta, pita, toast, green beans, and potatoes.
  • Nash is still getting four bottles a day, but we know we're getting close to having to wean him down to three - and eventually (by 15 mo our pedi suggests) none.
  • We are absolutely in full baby proof mode - he is into everything! He wants the television, computer, remotes, fireplaces, dog bowls, laundry baskets, you name it!
  • Nash is quickly learning the word "no".  Well, he's at least hearing it a lot for many reasons listed above.  He will stop and look at us when we say "no", but most oftentimes will return to what he is doing.  I know he's just learning, so we're working on consistency and explanation (no, that's, that's not nice) and redirecting his behavior.
  • He ZOOMS around the house on his hands and knees and is so close to walking.    He's taken a few steps on his own, but not enough for us to consider him an official "walker".  Crusing, no problem.  Letting go of momma and daddy's hands...not quite yet.
  • Still size 3 diapers - although we may make the move to size 4 at nighttime, he wakes up with a soaked diaper. 
  • Nash is a professional at the 'drop it' game.  LOVES IT. Especially with his sippy cup of water and in his booster seat at the table.  Can't tell you how "fun" this is.  AHHH.  Roscoe, of course, loves the drop it game when played with cheerios or cheese.  
  • Nash has been on antibiotics again for another double ear infection....I really hope he can get healthy and stay healthy soon!
  • This is such a fun age - you can just see him taking everything in and absorbing everything around him.  He wants to touch/taste everything!
  • Nash has 4 teeth - two middle ones on bottom and two on top!  The ones on top are not the middles ones though...they are his "lateral incisors" (fangs, really).  Just in time for Halloween!  Unfortunately, he's not really into letting us see in his mouth, let alone get a picture - so you'll just have to envision how cute he is with fangs.  :)
    Here's our little 10 month dude:
     quickly outgrowing the lion...

     skyping with nannie and opa

     so big!  

    introducing a toothbrush....pretty sure he thinks it's just a toy.  but at least he puts it in his mouth!

     furniture really isn't used anymore in our house...we're ALWAYS on the floor.

    practicing his walking skills behind one of his close!