Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July - review in pictures!

I have some cute pics from July that NEED to be shared, of course, because my children are the cutest kids in the world.  Why else do mom's keep blogs????  Because they have the cutest kiddos in the world, duh!  ;)

Some July pics of my loves...

first taste of cereal..not a fan. 

momma is a fan of this smile!

nashman finds the most comfortable (?) positions...crazy kid.



time with grandma on the back deck

sweet baby love

first day back to work

thanks for coming to stay with us grandma!

nashman reading to his little brother.  LOVE this.

Nashman's prize for potty training...too bad it is about 2" too big!  eeee...

Q's first time in the jumper....Nashman and Roscoe are more interested in it than he is!  :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Quinner goes to school, Mommy goes to work

So, the truth is...it is not any easier to leave kiddo #2 at daycare.  I thought possibly it would be.  I was kidding myself...it wasn't.  At all.  I love Miss Pat and Miss Jen, so "knowing" them made it not as worrisome.  BUT.  My heart ached the entire day to hold my baby next to me, to watch him sleep, to feed him myself instead of hooking up to the damned breast pump (thank goodness for breast pumps...such a love/hate relationship), to smell his skin.  HOW, HOW did five months go by so fast?  I missed him today, I'll miss him tomorrow, and every day from this point forward that I have to leave him and his brother.  I just miss them when I'm not there.  For 20 minutes or for an 8 hour working day - I miss them.