Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our daredevil!

We have a new bounce house in town and we took Nash for the first time this week, and as a special treat and way to spend time with him while he's the only kiddo in the house! 

...the pictures say it all...


He was half the size of most kids and taking on the same obstacles.  Good thing he's coordinated!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

36 weeks!

Baby Quinn has been cooking for 36 weeks!  I am exhausted, but not sure if it is pregnancy related or just me chasing around my 2 year old Nashman.  Probably a combination of both!  I am still feeling pretty good, although sleep has been hard to come by lately.  No sign of HELLP syndrome or elevated BP so far, so hopefully that trend continues and we have a drama free labor and delivery!  Here are a few pictures of my 36 week belly!

36 weeks!
Nash trying to feel baby Quinn kick

Kisses for baby Quinn - Nash is going to be a great big brother!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nash is 2!

Our baby is 2!  The best two years of my life are wrapped up in this little man, Nash Thomas.  We can't explain how much fun he is right now - learning new things and saying new things everyday, exploring everything, testing all of the limits we've set for him, being a typical 2 year old boy!  He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes, and we love every second of it!  Nash finally grasped the concept of "its my birthday" by the end of the day....and then we skyped with Mark (whose birthday is also January 16) to wish him a happy birthday - and Nash's comment was "No, Uh [uncle] Mark....MY birthday".  hehe.

We had a pretty low key party this year, a few friends came over and my parents came into town.  With the pending arrival of baby Murphy #2, low key was what we needed!  Our house was still nuts for a few hours, but not a weekend of nuts like his first birthday.  We had a little sports themed party since Nash cannot get enough soccer, basketball, baseball, football....any kind of ball.  Our friends came and joined us to help us celebrate (St. Francis', Chio's, Milliken's) and we were so thankful they did!

Enjoy some pictures from Nash's big day!

Nash getting help opening his gifts from his friends....clockwise:  Nash, Duncan, Conner, Max

A trampoline from grandma and pa!

A kitchen from mommy and daddy!

Friends cooking in the kitchen....clockwise - Nash, Bennett, Max, Conner (Duncan in the background)

Mommy's attempt at a baseball cake.  :)  Not TOOO terrible, right?

Our sweet birthday boy (who wasn't a fan of the party hat)!


Nannie and Opa joined the celebration via Skype!

Pa  and Grandma enjoying time with their grandson

Family picture on Nash's birthday

Nash's new favorite hug...the family hug!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

We spent Christmas in Indiana this year....never a dull moment with Nash, Macy, Mya - that's for sure.  We soaked up all of the time we could with Jessi and Ty and the girls, Katy (with baby Renner) and Clint, and mom and dad.  We were lucky enough to get to visit with my three best friends from high school and their families (even though I don't have any pictures to prove it!), and get to see some old friends and enjoy a nice dinner out with them (kiddo free!).  We also were able to spend time in Bloomington at my grandma's house, and enjoyed every second of it. Pictures, pictures, pictures....overload, sorry!  :)

our tree, 2011
why we decided to go to Opryland to see the lights the weekend before CHristmas, I will never know....the lights were pretty, the crowd was not so pretty.  And all Nash wanted to do was pet the horses (hence the tears in every picture!).

a pile of cousins

ornery kiddos

Nash becoming a pro at opening gifts

cousins in their Christmas pj's
Christmas morning

pa helping nash drive his first remote control - a bulldozer!  thanks pa!
great grandpa estel giving some love to macy

love this pic of me, nash, and my grandpa!
and roscoe dog gets a Christmas bone
goodnight hugs to grandma and pa
mya and nash being sweet to each other

nash watching the birds at great grandma betty's

who knows...

isn't he cute?
Christmas wouldn't be the same without a huge box to play in

pretending to be monkeys
great grandma betty playing with the kiddos

hugs for great grandma betty

high fives for pa before bedtime
cuddles with grandma
jump higher, jump higher!
ty, jessi, dena, matt, me, paul - katy and clint joined us too, but had already left!
coins for nash's bank after using the potty!