Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Live Bunny Pictures!

Last weekend...we took Nash to get his pictures taken with live bunnies.  He wasn't too sure at first, but warmed up quickly - and by the time the shoot was over, he was ready to stay and play!  I love these pictures, and the way he was so excited over the bunnies.  Matt and I are tempted to buy the spotted one for him....but we're not so sure that Roscoe dog would be so thrilled with that decision.  Fow now, I think we'll remain a one pet household....

Enjoy the pictures!

From Goldfish to Green Grouper!

Our little dude has "graduated" from the infant room at school (the 'Goldfish' room) to the toddler room (the 'Green Grouper' room).  He transitioned for a week near the end of March by going in his new room for a few hours at a time - at different times throughout the week.  Both sets of teachers assured us he was doing great, but it was still stressful for momma! 

He completely transitioned April 4 to full time in the toddler room, and has seemed to adjust pretty well.  Even though he was doing great at school, we could see the effects at home....during the transition week and first full week, he wasn't sleeping well.  We had a few nights where he was awake from about 2 am to 5 am.  (Needless to say...my gym time of 5 am went by the wayside for a few weeks!) As of today (knock on wood), the sleep patterns seem to be back to normal and we haven't had any issues.  He is exhausted by 7:30, and sometimes even before then.  In his new classroom, there is only one nap a day from 12:30 to 2:30.  He was down to one nap a day in the infant room, but he usually went down when he was fussy and woke up whenever he felt like it....so, it's been an adjustment for sure.  His face still lights up when he sees his old teachers - Miss Pat and Miss Jennifer - but we really like his new teacher as well, Miss Kelley. 

He had a "going away" party in the infant room before he transitioned, so I joined them for the afternoon.  These kiddos are a riot, and many props to Miss Pat and Miss Jennifer - they are saints on earth for hanging out and keeping up with these busy little ones day after day.  We'll miss you!

Clockwise starting with Nash....Adaya, Jack, Lanie

enjoying the party snacks with Miss Jennifer and Miss Pat
(Ona in the chair, Cole in the bouncer)

Miss Summer, Nash's teacher on Monday's when Miss Pat is out

Jack and Nashman

tunnel time

Long time, no post!

I'm sitting at the shop waiting for my oil to get changed....so, I thought I would take the time to start some updates.  It's been a long time...our Nashman keeps us busy and on our toes...his personality is so vivid these days and we love it!  A few posts to come:

-Nash moves to the toddler room at school!
-Photo shoot with live bunnies
-Katy gets married in Jamaica...Nash stays home with Nannie and Opa
-Nash's 15 month check up

Can't have a post without that sweet face....

hide and go seek

facing off with roscoe dog


first time using a fork

chatting with paddington bear...he used to be daddy's when daddy was little!

we couldn't help ourselves...

umm...the discovery of nick jr when i am attempting to get dinner ready - life saver.