Thursday, April 29, 2010

Under Contract!

Our house is under contract!!

After two days of negotiating with first time home buyers, we are set to close on June 10!  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with the inspection and appraisal - and that we can find a home we want to purchase in Hendersonville!

We will miss this home, for sure...lots of memories to say the least:

  • our first home and mortgage(s)
  • our first puppy
  • our engagement (in the kitchen, after a lovely night in CY)
  • our wedding (and all the planning)
  • our first remodel (finishing the attic into our master suite)
  • our first kiddo
  • our awesome neighborhood and neighbors
So many great things have gone happened within these will be sad to leave, but I am sure our next home will be just as great!  (Thinking positively, right?!?!)

We'll miss you 1014...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Grandma Kay's Visit

(I am very far behind...the next few post's will be catch up!)

Back in April, my mom drove to Memphis for a long weekend visit.  We had a great time with her...the weather was perfect and we attempted to do as much relaxing as possible!  She drove in and got here late Thursday evening.  Friday morning we took Nash for a walk in his stroller and stopped for brunch at a new place in our neighborhood - mom had the most amazing pancake ever and I enjoyed a ham and cheese quiche with yummy (aka buttery) home fries.  Roscoe joined us after brunch as we finished out our walk before heading to Aunt Becky's to hang out for the afternoon.  We sat on her back deck and enjoyed the gorgeous weather - we stripped Nash down and let him enjoy the weather nude (in the shade of course!). 

The weekend got a little crazy as we got calls to show the house both Saturday and Sunday.  When that happens, all goodness breaks loose in our house and we scramble around to get all of the baby gear in the nursery, furniture dusted, counters cleared, floors de-furred, and carpets vacuumed.  WHEW.  If I'm here alone, and Nash is very good (napping) it takes me about 90 minutes to do everything I want to do.  I know I totally go overboard - but what if the one who is seeing the house is THE one?  haha....I know I'm crazy.  Thank goodness my mom was around that weekend...we had 5 showings between Saturday and Sunday.  Not to mention the fan fiasco that was our Saturday morning (don't ask).  Anyway - she was a huge help in getting the house ready or keeping Nash entertained while we got the house ready. 

Not only did she help us get the house ready, but she watched Nash on Saturday night while Matt and I went on a date - yay!  We started in Cooper Young and met some friends at Cafe Ole for a pitcher of margaritas and then headed downtown where we enjoyed dinner at McEwans - a staple downtown that we've been meaning to go to for a long time.  It was delicious, and we topped it off with dessert from the Cheesecake Corner in the south main district.  We brought the cheesecake home and shared it with our sweet babysitter!

Sunday evening (after showing the house 4 times!), our friends Danny and Jen came over for burgers before we all headed out to Minglewood Hall to see Amos Lee.  Aunt Becky came over to sit with Nash while we were at the show.  We love Amos Lee's albums, and his live show was so awesome.  It was so much fun to be able to take my mom with us - she loves Amos Lee too, and I think she really enjoyed it. 

The next morning was Monday, which meant mom was returning to Indiana...we got up and said our goodbyes, which is always so sad!  We'll be seeing her soon though...we have a trip to Indiana planned for my high school reunion in June.

A few pictures from her visit...

So good to see you Grandma Kay!

Showing off his smiles to Grandma

Matt and I before heading out to dinner

Come back soon Grandma!

Friday, April 16, 2010

3 months old!

A three month update on what our not-so-little man is up to these days, besides growing additional chins:

  • We're not completely sure how big Nash is...our guess is close to 13 pounds.  We don't visit Dr. Stecker until he is 4 months old - so a guess will have to do!
  • Nash wears size 1 diapers - Pampers currently but we have a pack of the Target brand (Up and Up) that we're trying next.  Crossing our fingers - they're much cheaper!
  • All of Nash's newborn clothes (save a few onesies) are packed away and he is now wearing mostly 3 months clothes - but the summer 3-6 month clothes definitely do not seem too big!
  • Mr. Chubbs (as daddy likes to call him) is full of smiles and coos - definitely reacts to those he knows well - mommy and daddy!
  • Nash still loves his mirror, but is getting more interested in some of his books...mostly ones with bright, bold colors and patterns.  He spends some time each day in his bouncer batting at the toys that hang down - has not started reaching and grabbing for them yet, but I can't imagine he's far off.
  • Takes his last feeding between 8 and 9 in the evening and usually goes down about 30 minutes after he eats and sleeps for a good 7 hours!  It ends up being about 8 hours between feedings - it's been great to have a little non-baby time in the evenings to just relax.
  • Mornings are still Nash's happiest time, as it is with most babies.  His fussy period in the evenings has seemed to calm down (knock on wood).
  • Roscoe is now quite entertaining for Nash...anytime Roscoe is around, Nash is extremely attentive.  Nash follows Roscoe with his eyes and is so happy with himself when he does so.  Roscoe is so sweet with him...we hang out on the couch and cuddle daily - and as long as Roscoe gets cuddles he doesn't care if it's coming from me or Nash!
  • Nash is still a great eater (bet you couldn't' guess from the size of his cheeks!) and nursing is still going great.  I've been able to stock up a supply of milk and Matt now gives Nash his middle of the night bottle (usually anywhere between 3 am and 4:30 am) on the weekends when he doesn't have to work.  I love the extra sleep, and Matt loves feeding him - and Nash just loves eating!  Works out well for all of us.
 What is a post without pictures, right?  Here's your cuteness fix for the day...enjoy!

lovin the blue eyes

 Nash's favorite romper...

early morning cuddles with daddy

showing of his serious side

cuddles with the furry baby of the house

Nash was all smiles for daddy

Skyping with Nannie and was hot in the house that evening!

Reading before bedtime with daddy

Cutest little Penn Stater ever!  
3 months old!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nash's First Easter Sunday

Nash's first Easter Sunday morning was full of his pants.  Yes, we went through three outfits (2 blowout diapers, 1 vomit episode) before we had to walk out the door for church.  I have to admit, the little guy looked handsome in all of them - but this is what he ended up wearing on his first Easter Sunday:

He was absolutely perfect during church - we didn't even have to get him out of his carseat during the service.  I know he's too little to understand the meaning of Easter and what an amazing day it is in the life of Christians, but what an incredible day it will be when he is able to comprehend.  Not that any of us can really comprehend how special God's love is for us that He died on a cross and rose again...but it is our responsibility as Nash's parents to be sure we help him attempt to comprehend God's love and grace for us.  It's a pretty intense responsibility, and one of the things about parenthood that makes me the most nervous. 

After church, we headed out to Germantown to visit and have lunch with Aunt Becky, Uncle Brad, and Kyle.  Lunch was great, dessert was yummy, and it was great to catch up with everyone - especially Kyle, who was home for Easter from Auburn.  After lunch, Nash took a nap - and managed to be just as handsome napping as he was above with his Easter basket.

Aunt Becky was kind enough to snap a few family photos of us - doesn't happen very much around our house.  Roscoe just can't manage to get the focus down and snap the button at just the right time.  ;)

We hope you all had a blessed Easter Sunday!