Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching up!

 It's been a while since I've posted....I think I'm due for a quick recap of what we've been up to lately.  It's not very often that I get to say this...but things around here have honestly been pretty laid back and calm!

The end of January and month of February were nice and relaxing.  We got to spend our weekends hanging out as a family, taking Roscoe dog on walks, playing in the yard, enjoying nap time, getting some things crossed off the never ending "to-do" list around the house.  We went to the zoo on a gorgeous weekend, we went to our first Predators game, and went to a birthday party for our little friend Duncan who turned 3.  Matt and I were able to get out a few times thanks to our sweet babysitter Jordan....we took a class to learn how to use our camera, and I took a follow up editing class.  Hopefully that will come in handy when we take pictures of Katy's upcoming wedding...lots of pressure!  We actually bought a new lens for the camera that we are learning to use too....wish us luck!

The zoo was great...I am partial to the Memphis zoo, the but Nashville zoo was nice.  Nash had his first carousel ride and we just let him do what he wanted.  He was more interested in watching the other kids at the zoo than the actual animals.  He liked the gibbons when they were swinging all around and making noise, and enjoyed the aquarium where he could get close and watch the fish swimming around.  Unfortunately, a few days after the zoo he was sick with a virus - and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have let him get so close to the fish.  Ah...live and learn, right?  He had a blast though, so probably worth it.  He was exhausted by the end of the day, so were we!

watching the red pandas

big fish!

kisses for momma

such a big boy, no holding hands momma!

first carousel ride

running freeeeeeeeeee


My mom came into town a few weeks ago on a Thursday evening....Nash stayed home from daycare with her on Friday and I know they had a ball.  It was so much fun having her here, we were sad to see her leave on Monday morning.  It was quite an interesting weekend though....our main breaker box went out and we had to have the entire thing replaced, so that made for an interesting Sunday (envision running refrigerators off of extension cords running through the house).  Hopefully we can convince Grandma Kay to do this more often when she has long weekends!  We'd love to share them with her more often!

thanks for coming grandma kay!


come back soon, please!  xxoo!

Last Friday Matt and I went to the Grand Ole Opry....pretty much just to say we went, but also to see Carrie Underwood.  I knew my only chance to get Matt to a country concert was to take him to see someone as gorgeous as she is!  :)  So, that was fun....but we probably won't go back. Too many old people singing really twangy old country songs we had never heard of.  ha!  At least now we can explain to people what it is like when they visit.  But that would require us to have company first....right.

On Saturday we had some neighbors over for dinner....and I think we made new friends!! We're so excited (a little too excited probably) to have met Jada and Curtis and baby Bennett who is 9 months old.  They live down the street, and we met them when they were out on a run one day.  They're a new family of 3 like us, and we were excited to share an evening meal and drinks with them.  The kiddos played and we talked, and it seemed so normal and easy.  So, hopefully there will be many  more of those evenings in our future - it feels great to meet new people, especially as nice as they were.

We're getting ready for a trip to Memphis this weekend....headed there to catch up with old friends, Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad, and maybe Gus's Fried Chicken!  yum!

As for our Nashman...he is getting so big and acting like a toddler more and more every day.  He is officially no longer taking a bottle - we prepared ourselves for a weekend of tears and drama when we got rid of it two weeks ago, but he couldn't have cared less.  Bedtime routine is now bath, brushing teeth, stories...and then he's done.  He still takes his pacifier, but is usually so exhausted that he just goes right down.  It's sort of sad actually...he is getting to the point that he would rather just lay down instead of accept all of my cuddles.  He is good at going down for both Matt and I, so that is nice too.  He still just has the 8 teeth, although we keep expecting a molar to pop through any day!  Our love bug has turned into Mr. Mischievous...he definitely knows when he is about to do something wrong, and will check to see if we are watching.  Once the deed is done, he then runs and hides.  Little stinker!  I attempt to be serious, but it's so cute that I catch myself smiling when I should really be teaching him otherwise.  :)  He is beginning to eat a little meat....he will eat chicken nuggets for the most part and we tried fish sticks the other day, but he wasn't really into them.  We'll take anything at this point though.  One of his new favorite foods is dried cranberries...LOVES them.  He's still not taking milk from his sippy cup - even though he was taking it from a bottle.  He may take a teeny sip, but once he realizes it is not water, he wants nothing to do with it.  Our pedi insists we not stress about it since he eats plenty of dairy otherwise - so I do my best with that.  We try every few days with the milk, and so far it's not working.  No stress...no stress...no stress.  Nash gives the best kisses...still.  He opens wide, and it's almost as if he is going to bite and then at the last minute gives the big smack.  It is absolutely adorable.  And so are his hugs.  He is so lovable, and loves to hug babies.  He hugs the babies at daycare and was loading his little buddy Bennett up with hugs last weekend. Roscoe gets plenty of them too.  So stinking sweet.  Some days I just look at this little person who grew in my belly, and is now this living, breathing, smiling, laughing, kissing, hugging perfect little boy and I am overwhelmed with how in love I am.  The moments that it hits me are so powerful and so random, but I am so thankful for feeling this way.  I feel how real and deep my love for him runs, and it reminds me of how special and how important my job as mommy really is.  My life is good and so so blessed.

Geez...so this wasn't so "quick" was it?  Ooops!

Hope everyone has had a nice, relaxing couple of months like we have....I'll leave you with a few more pictures of our sweet little dude.

not sure what to do with the bubbles on his head.

our little baller

teasing roscoe dog with the ball

playing with our new camera lens in the backyard

irresistable.  heart piercing.  you know it.

best buds

in love with this photo

110% sweet