Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nashman (aka...big brother!)

I am 20 weeks pregnant....Nashman is going to be a big brother!  Quinn Murphy is expected to join our family in early February 2012 - we are so excited!  Here are a few pictures of Quinn at our midterm ultrasound, where everything looked great!

our little boxer


Quinn's little heart beating away perfectly!
What Quinn looks like from the "outside" at 19 weeks:

Here is what Nash looked like from the "outside" at 21 weeks (the closest comparison I have):

Wow!  Quite a difference huh?  So far my weight gain hasn't been any different, but this belly is definitely popping out much more quickly!  Everyone told me it would be this way with baby #2, but these pictures prove it! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day 2011 - Indiana

We decided at the last minute to head home to Indiana over Labor Day....we knew if we didn't get home for a long weekend, it may not be until Christmas before we got home! we went.  We stopped about 10 minutes into the trip and turned Nash's carseat to forward facing.  It was almost 105 degrees when we left Nashville, and needless to say....a rear facing carseat was smothering our sweaty little dude.  He was much more comfortable after that roadside switch!

We arrived late into the evening (or early morning), as usual....but didn't miss a beat hanging out with the family for the weekend.  We didn't necessarily do anything out of the ordinary - other than enjoy each others company, but that's what made it so nice and relaxing.  We let the kiddos play around outside, took naps, slept in (as much as Nash allowed), gave Macy and Mya their birthday present (a few weeks early!), and managed to get in a Bummies visit as well!

Here are some snapshots of our visit, not too many this time...surprising, right?