Monday, June 21, 2010

A day on the farm...

While we were home for my class reunion, we spent an afternoon at the McMillan farm - grilling out, cranking homemade ice cream, and enjoying the sunshine and each other's company. It was so good to have all the girls together - Krista, Kelly, and Jenny were all able to be there - it was great! Below are some (ok, a lot) pictures of our fun day!

Playing in the yard with daddy

Girl talk

Playing with Grandma Kay

Ice cream crankin'


Not many things better than summer porch swingin' with good friends

It may be a few years before this works without daddy..

Just one kiss Reagan...pretty please with a cherry on top?

Sweetness overload.

Cuddles with Grandpa Joey

Umm.  Is this not the cutest ruffled butt you've ever seen?  Go Reagan!

Cuddles with Kelly

Family pic on the farm

Nash and Reagan and their mommas

My favorite girls and the newest additions!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 months old!

Matt and I are such lucky parents - what a treat we have in Nash.  He's so much fun, not to mention adorable, we couldn't ask for anything more.  I feel extra lucky to still be home with him, and am trying to enjoy and remember all of the fun moments I'm able to share with him at home before I go back to work (still looking for a job!).  At five months, below are a few things our love bug is up to these days:
  • Nash didn't have a 5 month check up, so we're not sure how much the little guy weighs - but he definitely doesn't seem to be lacking in the chunk department.
  • We have officially just begun baby food veggies.  We held off until we got settled here in Nashville, but have successfully enjoyed (aka 'smeared everywhere') green beans and squash.  We're starting out slowly and hope to add fruit soon.
  • Nash is reaching for everything with both hands now.  He's beginning to realize that two hands are better than one for playing with toys. 
  • We have stepped up to size 2 diapers, mostly still Pampers.  No Costco close to here, and we haven't made a trip to Sam's yet - so Pampers it is. 
  • Nash has had quite a month of travelling and sleeping in various places/pack n plays/cribs/cradles/rooms - so we're a bit off in the sleep department currently.  Once he goes down for the night, he sleeps well - but getting him down is a different story.  He's pretty unsettled for usually about 30 to 45 minutes, but then after that sleeps well until about 6 am.
  • Nursing is starting to become a struggle - Nash is a very distracted little man and isn't very willing to sit still and nurse like his momma needs him to.  We are down to nursing about twice a day - once in the evening (when he's very sleepy) and once in the morning (when he's very sleepy).  It seems that if he's very sleepy - he's more than willing to nurse...but if he's awake and active, he's too busy to be bothered with breastfeeding.  He's also not very willing to take a bottle from his momma - so that's been interesting.  I've had to feed him a bottle from behind so he can't see my face.  Anything to get him to eat at this point, especially since I'm the only one around!  Unless of course we're out house hunting with our realtor, Leah, who feeds him if it's time - thanks Leah!  Hopefully this nursing strike will resolve itself, but my confidence is waning.  

A few pics to prove how cute he is, in case you've forgotten:
Hanging out with Aunt Becky

Caught holding hands with Arya!

Chatting it up with Nannie and Opa on move in day

Yum!  Rice cereal!

Hey mom, I think I'm gonna keep these blue eyes, ok?

Things were so crazy with the move...we failed to capture a 5 month picture with the lion!  Shame!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nash's First Trip to PA

The evening we moved out of our house in Memphis, we found out that Annie's brother - Uncle Tommy - was seriously ill and in ICU.  He had known for a bit over a week that he had cancer, and had undergone surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney.  Complications arose after the surgery, and we got the sad sad news that evening that he had passed.  My heart broke for Annie, knowing that she was so far away from her family in such a time of loss.  We made the decision to get our stuff moved in to our apartment in Nashville and then drive home to Pennsylvania with Frank and Annie.  Definitely not the reason we envisioned making a trip to PA, but it was nice to get to spend time with family - even in the midst of such a sad time.  We are so sad that Nash never had a chance to meet his Uncle Tommy, we're positive they would've hit it off!  Rest in peace Uncle Tommy...we miss you and love you.

We tried to snap a few pics with everyone Nash met during our trip to PA - most are below!  Enjoy!

Nash meeting 3 of the 4 Koch girls...we met Julie a day later, but didn't get it on camera!

Cavan welcoming Nash

Meeting all of these new people is hard work....snoozin' on Nannie's couch

Yummy....rice cereal

Nash and Jodi

Nash and Ginny

Mrs. Malloy getting some cuddles from Nash

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Moving from Memphis

note:  I'm back dating all of my "catch up" posts so we can remember when these things actually happened! 

Moving out of our house on Meda street was a lot of work.  It started back in March when we had the POD delivered and loaded the contents of our garage...and didn't end until we pulled out of the driveway June 9.  I really think that God makes moving so much work in order to ease the pain and sentiments of moving away from a ton of memories.  1014 Meda was such a great place for us to live - we miss it dearly, but not as much as we miss our friends in Memphis.  I am sure we will grow to love the Nashville/Hendersonville area as well...but it was definitely hard to leave.

Frank and Annie were in town to help us pack up the final things and get everything out of the house and into our apartment in Hendersonville.  I don't know what we would've done without them - what a help they were - THANK YOU Frank and Annie!  After most of the packing was completed, we managed to get downtown to spend one last evening in Memphis.  We started by spending some time down on the river with a bottle of wine and some cheese (requirement when more then 2 Murphy's gather) and of course our camera.  We topped it off with a visit to Gus's, then back home to rest up for the big moving day.

The movers were great and pretty efficient...the truck took off about 3:00 in the afternoon and we were left to load up the items we weren't sending on the truck.  Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad were gracious enough to let us crash with them before the big moving day, so that's where we were headed.  I lingered around the house a bit after Matt, Nash, Annie and Frank drove was definitely a place I'll never forget and I definitely left a few tears there.  It was hard to drive away and leave a place where we created so many memories as a family!  That evening, we ordered out from the Commissary, hung out with Aunt Becky and Uncle Brad, and took one last visit to see some of our best friends in town - Jen and Danny Thompson.  Jen made us a great memory book from our time in Memphis...we LOVE it.  So, so hard to leave them...this post needs to end before I start crying... are some final pictures of our time in Memphis and 1014 Meda!

Family photo on the Mississippi River
Mud Island - Memphis, TN

Nash, Nannie, and Opa

The whole Murphy crew...minus Uncle Mark

Sweaty from packing and sad to leave our first home...

But even more sad to leave our buds...even though we're smiling here.
Danny and Murph

I miss this one like you wouldn't believe..
Amy and Jen