Friday, October 23, 2009

27 weeks, Hiccups, and Braxton Hicks

Today marks 27 weeks of being pregnant, and only 13 more to go!

Baby Nash is about the size of a head of cauliflower - about 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long when stretched out. He/she is definitely a squirmy little one - and I love every second of it! Multiple times during the day I just have to stop my work and stare at my belly and watch the flip flops and somersaults that are taking place. And don't forget the hiccups - those are pretty fun too. Everything I read says they don't hurt the baby, which is definitely a good thing considering this little one gets them for multiple minutes at a time! Nash has *so far* been sleeping when I am sleeping which has been takes quite a few minutes for him/her to settle back down once we crawl back in bed after our multiple bathroom breaks in the middle of the night, but definitely no complaints. I'd much rather be feeling Nash squirm around than be worried about no movement. As far as sleep goes - I wish I was getting a little more of it! I blame the Phillies...they just need to win the world series again and maybe I can get to bed before 11 pm!

In other belly news:
  • Braxton Hicks contractions are now a daily occurrence. Although they don't hurt, I literally feel like someone could bounce me off the floor like a belly gets so hard for a few minutes and them softens up again.
  • The belly button is hanging in there, but barely. I always had visions of being the pregnant chick whose belly button never became and "outtie". Umm..I'm pretty much giving up on that.
  • No stretch marks as of yet - yay! Keeping my fingers crossed and keeping up the vitamin E and cocoa butter slathering.

This week Matt and I got confirmation that we are officially registered in our childbirth class that will begin November 19 and run four weeks (skipping Thanksgiving) for 90 minutes on Thursday evenings. We're taking the class through the clinic I go to and the classes will be at a different hospital than the one I will be delivering at. We will be getting a tour of our delivery hospital at a later date - one more thing to add to my ever growing to-do list. We also have a good idea of the pediatric group we want to use, I just need to call them and set up a time to talk to them. Matt and I have been discussing questions that "good parents" would ask a new pediatrician. I'm sure it won't be TOO obvious that this is our first baby!

One thing we have been able to cross of the to-do list is our registry...we are officially registered at Target and Babies R Us. We had a pretty good list of items/brands we wanted to register for before heading in, so for the most part it wasn't too bad. I can definitely understand the overwhelming feeling one could get if going in non-prepared....BRU has a "must have" registry suggestion that is absolutely absurd. Did you know that according to BRU, an infant child "must have" 4 separate strollers (travel system, umbrella, jogger, and lightweight!). Seriously, there can't be anyone who actually follows those guidelines.

Hopefully this weekend we'll be making more progress on the nursery...we still have some things we need to move out and shelves and such to hang on the wall. Of course we don't have our bedding basics (sheets, crib skirt, etc - on the registry) so we haven't "put together" the crib - but I can't wait to do so! To hold you's a sneak peak to Nash's bedding that I can't wait to put out! The nursery walls are green, furniture is an espresso color, and we're accenting with oranges. LOVE it, and can't wait to cuddle with our little human in a few months!

Now, for the most exciting part of my week...the best deal EVER: $150 round trip airfare from Memphis to Fort Wayne! I will be flying home next Saturday and spending two and a half days with Jessi and Ty and Macy and Mya. I'll fly back early Tuesday morning and come straight to work. I am so excited to get home and be able to help out like the rest of my family has been so great about...spending this time with the teeniest, cutest, sweetest babies ever is definitely something I NEED to do. I realized this after multiple consecutive nights of tears at the computer looking at their pictures and listening to their little squeals and coos. Matt would agree, but he's holding down the fort with our Roscoe man here in Memphis. I am really blessed to be able to do this - being healthy enough to fly home and spend this time with them, having the flexibility and vacation time at work, and most importantly - a sweet husband who knows how much I miss my family and encouraged me to spend this time with them! In case you need another dose of sweetness...feast your eyes on these sweet peanuts:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


So, Matthew is officially 30 years old as of October 15, 2009! He tells me that it's not so much the number 30 that makes him feel "old", it's the 'having a baby' deal that's making him feel old. :) We decided to celebrate his birthday one day early because the Phillies (who are now officially NLCS champs and on their way to the World Series) were playing on the 15th. We bought a nice bottle of wine and headed to a cute little Italian restaurant we've heard great things about - only to find out it went out of business! Off we went to try Marciano's, another Italian restaurant, where Matt had the best veal parmesan ever. Even I would go back for it, and veal parm is not something I would ever choose off the menu! Yum!

Meanwhile, I had Matt convinced we were going to do a steak dinner out in Germantown with friends on Saturday the 18th to celebrate his birthday. I would not consider myself a good secret keeper, but I was able to keep the surprise party I had planned for him an actual surprise! I was positive he was suspicious, considering I always plan at least something (happy hour or cornhole at the house) for his birthday. I spent Friday after work and Saturday morning while Matt was running 20 miles prepping for the party. Our friends Jen and Danny (Matt's marathon partner) were so sweet to let me host the party at their house - I really can't thank them enough! As we turned the corner into their cove, Matt realized someone was having a party because of all the cars - he just didnt' quite realize it was his party until he saw all of our friends standing outside with a "Happy 30th Murph" sign. I have to say, it was quite a good surprise and I think he had a great time - cornhole, High Life, an inflatable joust, and a designated driver - what more could a guy ask for on his 30th birthday? Below are some pictures post-surprise...unfortunately I wasn't able to get a shot of the actual surprise considering we were in the car.

Warming up before his joust debut.

Andrew and Murph...both completely sober, of course.

Petey and Murph...a little 3 am rock band once we got home.

Matthew's 30th 'Happy Birthday' serenade (please excuse my lovely voice!)

In all seriousness though, we had a great time and it was pretty great to get to spend such a fun night with friends. Thanks again to Jen and Danny for letting me fill their yard with toys and thanks to Lizzy for helping set up!

To my favorite and soon to be baby-daddy: Happy birthday! I love you and love celebrating special days with you...hopefully God blesses us with many more to share! xxoo!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

25 weeks!

Yesterday marked the end of 25 weeks since this baby has been growing my belly. It's pretty nuts to think that there's only 15 weeks left of carrying Nash and being his/her sole source of nutrition and protection! And in those 15 weeks we have lots of fun things scheduled - Matt turns 30 next week, our friends Phil and Molly and cousins Jill and Mark are coming into town to spend a long weekend with us, a baby shower thrown by my sweet friends the following weekend, childbirth classes, Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with Matt's family, a possible trip to Atlanta to visit friends (and get some baby goods from their sweet girls who have outgrown them!), Christmas in Indiana with my family (and loving on my sweet neices!), New Years in Memphis, my birthday in January, and then this kiddo will be here a few weeks after that! WHEW!

Nash is about the size of a rutabega at this point - 13 1/2 inches long and about 1 1/2 pounds. This week has probably been his/her most active for sure...early in the morning and late at night is when he/she is most active - although Nash was quite the dancer at the Lucero concert (free CD release party at the Shell in midtown - awesome) that we went to on Thursday night. He/she was kicking so hard, I had to pull Matt's hand over to my bump and let him get in on the action - it wasn't hard for him to feel it, that's for sure. The look on Matt's face was pretty it!

Last Friday marked the end of 24 weeks, which is a pretty big week in the development of little Nash. At this point, if he/she would be viable with intensive care if something unfortunate were to happen and the baby had to be delivered.

25 weeks

Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing...Sweet Baby Girls!

WARNING: picture overload!

Introducing...the latest additions to the Oatess family! Welcome to the world Mya JoLynn and Macy Ann!

Matt and I took last Thursday and Friday off and drove to Indiana to visit our new neices! Jessi and babies were in the hospital until Saturday afternoon - all are doing very well! Meeting Macy and Mya was one of the best moments ever, I can only imagine what it will be like to meet little Nash. And leaving my family - especially Jessi and the babies - to drive back to Memphis was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do! I've only cried 4 times today, I think...whew!

Below are some pictures, apologies for the overload...they're just too cute, I can't help but show them off! Enjoy!

Tyler, Jessi, Mya and Macy

Auntie Amy, Mya and Macy, and future cousin Nash (aka...bump)

Not many sweeter things than teeny sleepy babes.

Big yawn Mya!

Yummy baby burritos.

Papa Joey enjoying Macy's company with a pretty proud grin on his face.

Auntie Katy looks pretty happy!

Nana Kay and Macy. Baby booty...gotta love it!

The new, proud daddy

Teeny toes

Uncle Matt...practicing.

So little!

Mya, relaxing after filling her belly

Katy, Jessi and babies, Mom, Amy...celebrating the big homecoming!

No, no, we won't go...back to Memphis.

Jessi and Tyler...what great parents you already are!