Monday, February 14, 2011

my love bug and my favorite

Without these two boys in my life...I'm not sure how I would get through my days.  Every day I look forward to the moment I pick up Nashman ( bug) from daycare and get a big hug and that smile that is reserved only for his momma.  Then we get home, and he is eating...and he hears his daddy (my favorite) come up the stairs - and that smile is *almost* as amazing as the one I get.  I love my boys (even the furry one...happy valentines day to you too, Roscoe dog!), and can't imagine life without them.  Happy Valentines Day to my love bug and to my favorite.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Professional One Year Pictures

There are just too many pictures to choose between...I'll post a few of my favorites here.  Kristen ( did an amazing job on a very very cold afternoon - thank you Kristen!  We love them!  Now...we just have to decide which ones to print and show off!  :)  Enjoy!