Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your evening entertainment...brought to you by Nashman

Nash has been so funny lately...I wanted to share some of the things he has said and done that have us rolling in laughter!

-After a recent haircut, he came home and proclaimed how handsome he was (I was telling him this throughout the haircut so he would remain in the chair.)  All was well, until Quinn grabbed his hair and Nash proclaimed "Baby Tin* is messing my haircut!".  We had a good laugh, and then the vanity continued into the next morning - "Comb my hair mommy!  My haircuts are sticking up!". 

*Nash is still having problems with the "Q" sound, so anytime he tries to say his brother's name, it comes out as "baby Tin".  So, one day on the way home from school...we were practicing the "Q" sound.  I was encouraging him to keep trying, and to keep going slow...he finally raises his voice with me and says "MOM!  I'm working on it!".  Too funny, kid...I'll let you practice your q's in peace.

-Nash's favorite movie right now is "A Bug's Life", although you may have a hard time figuring out what he means because he calls it "Bug Ants".  Cute!

-Other quirky names he has for things...
ketchup = red dip
ranch dressing = white dip
parking lot = the park
baby Graham and aunt Katy = baby Dam and aunt Taty

And because I have a hard time with posts that don't include's a peak at Nash's love of watermelon currently.  Love watching him eat it - the  concentration is intense!  Happy Thursday!

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